Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let me explain

It would be nice if everything we could want could be achieved in an instant. Unfortunatly life doesn't work like that, but as I go down this road of life that is infront of me I have found many things that inspire me to work hard to make what I want happen. It's not ewasy, and it doesnt always work, but hey a girl can dream. I wanted some place that I could wirte everything. The small things that make me smile and most importantly, the goals I have and the things that would be nice if they would happen.

It started last week in my Spanish class. We had the French teacher come in to talk to us. At first none of us knew why we would want to talk to her. How could she help us in our class? It turned out that she is a very inspiring person. She explained she took Spanish in school and that she found she had a passion for language. In College she took Spanish and also Freach where she found that her heart was truely French. She also can speak German and when she travels she teaches herself a crash course in the language as she called it. She learned how to speak Russian and Italian. It seems amazing to me the stories she told us of her travels.

I was glad to be sitting in the front row along with my friends who also love hearing stories like these, while everyone enjoyed an hour of free time I was being inspired. She gave us many tips as to how we could make learning a language easier but she also told us how to make learning in general easier. We were told that we control our success, if things are hard and we tell ourselves we cant do things, they wont get done. Instead she said to tell yourselve, Wouldn't it be nice if... Wouldn't it be nice if I could learn this. Wouldn't it be nice if one day I could travel here. Just by saying that we change our mindset. It turns from putting ourselves down into setting goals for ourself that we would want to obtain.

From now on I am willing to think of "it would be nice if" and who knows, maybe the things that I have wanted to do will actually become reality and I can finally feel like I can accomplish anything in my life. One day it can happen. smile.

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