Saturday, January 7, 2012

As Easy As a Song

Wouldn't it be nice if life was as easy as a song? Maybe then it wouldn't take a year to find a few minutes to sit down and write something. Maybe then life would be like a Beatles song, where all you need is love and we'll all come together and the world is suddenly a better place. Maybe then it would be like something the Goo Goo Dolls sang about, and we'll all find better days and whatever we're going through will get easier. Maybe life could be like what Landon Pigg sang about, you meet someone while you're at a coffee shop, boom you're in love and life is great. Maybe life could be like Johnny Cash sang and you and your love will meet in Jackson or we could have a life where if your heart's true no one would be cruel like Elvis sang. Or maybe just maybe life could be like any one of Josh Groban's songs (which I would not mind at all since he is my personal favorite. smile.).

If only life worked like that. As easy as a song.

Lately there's been so much going on in my life, as well as the lives of the wonderful people around me. It is really hard to stay positive. I mean half the time I'm ready to just throw up my arms and say 'I'm Done' and I know I don't have it bad at all! Among many other things that keep me going music is one way that really helps me to stay motivated. My Pandora looks bipolar, I have so many different stations to relate to any possible mood I'm in. My iPod has so much music I can't even tell you what's on it. But somehow there's always that perfect song that makes me feel just a little bit better about whatever situation I may be in.

Recently I stumbled upon Linda Eder. She was the first person I ever saw in concert and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her music. While so much has been going on especially over the past few months, I promised my best friend that no matter what happens I'll always be there. I know there were so many people that came in and out of her life and if I knew anything, I knew our relationship could go through hell and back and we would come out stronger. I knew this from first hand experience. After everything that we have gone through we should have ended up losing our friendship a long time ago, but some how we managed to defeat the odds and we are practically sisters. For better or for worse we will always be there for each other. There's always more chocolate cake mix and always more chocolate frosting to get us through anything.

With all of this in mind, when Linda Eder's song "Make today Beautiful" came on I immediately thought of the most beautiful person I know. My favorite lyrics from that song go something like this;

"I'm not chasing perfect, it's not worth it. Things can't stay the same so let the sky grow dark now. Go ahead and let it rain, let the sky fall down. No matter what I face I'm gonna make today, make today beautiful. I'm fighting the tide, hope is my only guide. With just one ounce of faith I'm going to make today, make today beautiful"

Even though I would like to say I face each day thinking this, I couldn't do that without lying. But at least it can be a goal. Maybe it will be one of my New Years Resolutions. Make each day BEAUTIFUL. I've always found beauty in the little things, in a song, a sunset, a friendship, a laugh, a smile. It may be impossible to be so positive all of the time but I believe if we were to, if I were to, put some effort into making even the darkest days beautiful, it wouldn't matter what we went through. It would only matter that we went through it, came out a stronger better person, finding the beauty in the simple things in life. One day maybe I'll be able to make things beautiful, one day it could happen.


  1. absolutely perfectly beautifully said. (': love the optimism& the fact that it makes me want to cherish each day& find beauty in everything around me. (:

  2. that really means a lot! Thank you!